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Are Golf Rangefinders Worth the Hype?

With the amount of golf rangefinders on the market today I bet you are thinking which is the best one for you and more important what should I be looking for if I want to buy one. Here are some tips to get you started.

Golf Rangefinder Accuracy

One of the main reasons golfers use a golf rangefinder is because it takes out all the guess work of calculating the distances you have to play your shot. This allows a golfer to concentrate more on how they are going to play the shot instead of having to make a judgement on the distance. Every golfer makes errors of judgement every time they play a round of golf. So it is vital that you choose a golf rangefinder that provides accurate measurements to suit your every need on the golf course. I my opinion one of the best golf rangefinders for accuracy is without doubt the SkyCaddie SG5 GPS.

Magnification and Targeting Options

I believe accuracy and targeting of you shot are one and the same because you need to determine the distance of where you are on the course to where you want to place your next shot. Basically you need to see what is up in front of you before you decide to make your shot. More often than not you find that you have positioned the ball exactly where you wanted it to go but you find that your next shot is hampered by some form of hazard (bunker, tree, etc). This will have a bearing on the outcome of your score for that hole.

If the golf rangefinder has targeting/magnification options then this will allow you to plan your strokes in advance. This technology is one you should consider when doing your research for golf rangefinders. Having used the Bushnell Laser Golf Rangefinder with Pinseeker technology myself I can honestly say this is a great example of this type of rangefinder.

Gradient and Slope Measurement

This technology is a nice feature to have with a golf rangefinder if you are a weekend golfer because the specifications take into account the gradient and slopes around the golf course, especially when the greens come into play. But, if you are a more serious golfer and play tournament golf well you will find that this type of golf rangefinders is not allowed in the majority of tournaments. The Bushnell Laser Golf Rangefinder Slope Edition is a great golf rangefinder that incorporates this type of technology. This is just a few of the things you need to take into consideration when you are looking for the perfect golf rangefinder.

The more you play golf the more you will realize what you need from a golf rangefinder and it only from your assessment can you determine which is the right one for you. You might also want to check out the accessories that you can get for your golf rangefinder. Because like all pieces of golf equipment you will need to keep the rangefinder in tip-top condition to ensure that you not only get good value for the money you spent but that you keep it in good condition for a long time to come.

As you can see there are numerous different characteristic that you need to take into account when buying a golf rangefinder. But, whatever one you decide to buy you will not regret because it will enhance your overall golf game far more than you ever imagined.

Why You Should Own a Golf GPS System

A Golf GPS system is an electronic device that uses the similar technology that also in your car GPS navigation system. The golf GPS system instantly informs the golfer how far away from the green they are, or what hazards (bunkers, trees, etc) are in the way of their approach to the green. The golfer can use this information to determine the club selection they need to play their shot. In fact some golf GPS systems even recommend the club for you. There are some very strong advantages why golfers should have a golf GPS system as part of the golf accessories.

They Speed Up Play

A round of golf can in some cases take in excess of four hours to five hours and I don’t know about you but where I play a round can sometimes take longer than five hours. Not to say that I am slow golfer, but we all know that your round is governed by who is in front of you. This is where the golf GPS system will change all that. In fact regular use of a golf GPS will reduce not only your round by up to thirty minutes but it will improve your all round game as well. There are a multitude of reasons why golf games are slow but the most common one is the distance of your shot and the club selection to make that shot. By using a golf GPS navigation system you will improve this immensely.

A Golf GPS Rangefinder Reduces Strokes

golf GPSMost golfers are hell bent on getting their scores down and in-turn reducing their handicap. But, all of us are prone to making mistakes around the golf course. More often than not you will take a wild guess at the distance to the hole and end up getting it all wrong. Either you will end up in the bunker at the front of the green or in the rough around the green. These type of errors of judgement add shots to your round and if you do this over several holes your score increase dramatically. I know, from experience, that it is very discouraging when this happens. Golf is about confidence and there is no better way to build up your confidence than playing good shots all the time. If you owned a golf GPS rangefinder and had all the course information in the palm of your hand there is no doubt that you will get everything right first time. No more guesswork on the distance, no poorer club selection. All you need to do is strike the ball correctly and watch it go exactly where you want it to. Because by using a golf GPS system you will be limiting your errors to how you make your shot and not your judgement around the golf course.

Golf GPS Systems are now Affordable

When golf GPS systems first came on the scene they were pretty damn expensive. They initially started at about $300 and then you had an annual fee to access the course information. But the price has come down dramatically over the years and you can even pick up a decent Golf Buddy golf GPS range finder for under $200 today. Obviously there are still some pretty pricey golf GPS systems around but my advice is to do your research and decide which one suits your need and your finances.

Winning With a GPS Golf Rangefinder

As most golfers know from experience it is not easy to lower your handicap. We all know that practice makes perfect but that is not necessarily the case when it comes to playing golf. But a lot of golfers are turning towards the modern technology of a GPS golf rangefinder to help them improve their golf game.

GPS golf rangefinderA GPS golf rangefinder can quickly provide a golfer with all the yardage measurements they require for all the strokes they have to play around the golf course. The GPS golf rangefinder will include all the hazards, like bunkers, trees bushes, that a golfer might encounter on the golf course.

If you know the distance to the pin then the guess work of club selection is taken out of every golfer’s game. Because if you have to rely on your natural eyesight to guess the distance to determine what club to select well most golfers end up getting it all wrong. It normally takes years of practice to perfect that skill.

It can be a total embarrassment if you have to rely on one of your golfing buddies to help you out. But, with the press of a button all the information you need as right at your fingertips. You will get precise information on the club to choose, where the hazards are positioned, and to top it all the angle that which you should hit the ball for the perfect shot to the green.

Today there are a multitude of golf GPS systems available on the market. Therefore it is important that you do your research to ensure that you get the right GPS golf rangefinder for you. I believe that it is extremely important to choose a GPS golf rangefinder system that is easy to use and right all the features that you require to improve your golf game.

Choosing a GPS Golf Rangefinder

If you are looking for GPS golf rangefinder that has pretty basic features then the SkyCaddie SG5 is a very popular choice. This particular golf GPS is very user-friendly and can be easily attached to your golf cart, so it doesn’t interfere with your golf stroke action.

Personally I believe that a GPS golf rangefinder is an invaluable accessory that all golfers who want to improve their game should own. Why go through all the hassles of guessing what club selection, distance yardage etc. Golf is a difficult game at the best of times so when there is technology available to help you then why not use it.

A GPS golf rangefinder system is that technology and I can guarantee that it will give struggling golfers a more enjoyable round of golf. It will not only improve your golf skills but it will definitely go a long way to reducing your handicap far quicker than sticking to the guessing game!

Do I Need a Golf GPS System?

Most golfers struggle to get their handicap down and as a result come in for a lot of stick from their golfing partners. Nobody wants to be shown up, especially not on a golf course because there is nowhere to hide from the embarrassment.

Practice makes perfect, or so they say! But, sometimes you wonder if that is true when it comes to the game of golf. It is pretty damned hard to motivate yourself on the first tee when you know you are about to make a fool of yourself again.

golf GPS systemWell, all is not as bad as it seems because thanks to a golf GPS system you can start to gain some of your respect back when you are on the golf course.

A golf GPS is packed with all the golf course information you will need to improve your game. The built in satellite technology provides the golf GPS system with the information they will need to measure distance to all points, hazards and pin positions on the golf course. With all this information in the palm of your hand all the deliberations about what club to choose has been taken out of the equation.

Some of the more advanced golf GPS system even display maps of the golf course you are playing. This allows the golfer to assess the distance, stroke, and angle of shot that is needed to reach the green with ease.

There is a wide variety of golf GPS systems on the market and it important that you do your research and take into consideration all the different features before deciding which is the best one for you.

Boost your Confidence with a Golf GPS System

If you are a golfer who is low on confidence every time you go on the golf course then a GPS for golf system is an accessory that should seriously consider.

I honestly believe if you combine the innovative technology of a golf GPS system with consistent practice you will eventually have a handicap that will make you the envy of your golfing buddies.

The decision to choose between one of the golf GPS systems and a golf rangefinder can be a daunting task! There are a multitude of different devices available and all within a vast price range. You must make sure you do your research before you decide to buy the right one.

A golf GPS system or golf rangefinder will help the majority of golfers to consistently shoot low scores irrespective of your handicap. Having the ability to see the precise distance for every shot you have to make gives you a great advantage in bringing your handicap down.

golf GPS systemsYou can select your club for each shot with the confidence of knowing that it is the right one for the shot. Also you can rest assured that the ball will reach the green and not fall short or at the back of the green like they have always done before.

OK, so how do we determine which one of the golf GPS systems or golf rangefinders will suit your needs. A great place to check out the different kind of golf GPS systems is the internet. There are a large amount of golf forums online that are full of questions from experienced and beginner golfers all looking for answers to similar questions/queries like you have.

There is bound to a lot of golfers in the same boat as you trying to decide which the one of golf GPS systems is the best one and why. You might want to check out a golf rangefinder because you just want the get the exact distance for each shot you have to make or you might want a more sophisticated golf GPS system.

The golf GPS will give you all the accurate information you need to know about, the actual course you are on, the shot distances to the green, and the precise location of all the bunkers and hazards around the course.

A golf GPS system can be a bit more expensive than a golf rangefinder. You might find that some of your golfing partners or club members own a golf GPS system or golf rangefinder so you could approach them for any advice they can give you. Also the pro at your local golf club is an ideal person to ask their opinion on what are the advantages of owning a golf GPS system of a golf rangefinder. Either way I think you will receive positive feedback and in-turn make the correct decision.

Are Golf GPS Systems the Right Choice?

Once your decision is made, you still have a few things you need to consider. Like, does the golf GPS manufacturer charge an annual fee to access the course details? You need to check this out before you purchase the golf GPS. You need to know what courses are available with the golf GPS system. Can you use it on your local course or is it programmed for courses that you plan to ply in the future.

You will need to check out what type of warranty is available with the device because like all electronic equipment a golf GPS system or rangefinder for golf can be expensive to repair if it develops a fault.

Golf GPS systems and golf rangefinders can vary in price to anything above $450 depending on the model and manufacturer. So, you must check out the different golf rangefinders or golf GPS systems that both suit your requirements and finances. But whatever one you decide I believe you will see a big improvement in your overall golf game.